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Completely safe

You can track your kids' trip, moment by moment, and alert you if the route to school changes with a notification of the cause and the new route. With the assistance of the real-time check service inside the vehicle that is fully equipped for child safety with carefully selected drivers.
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The maximum capacity is one child per seat, providing full conveniences for children. We also have your comfort in mind. Instead of driving, you do not need more than one button to drive them to school.
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Monthly payments

A flexible and transparent monthly subscription system to pay competitive expenses by fast electronic payment method. You can control it through the application at any time.
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Time Saving

Now you can wake up to the work time without concerning the wasting time drive kids to school then from school to your work. Easily and safely, your daily route became from home to work, directly!

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In Schoolz, we promise the best service to ensure the safety and comfort of our kids and to guarantee the reassuring of thousands of parents by using modern technology to track every step of our kids once they leave the house until their return. We are aware of how parents worry about their lovely kids. All parents have a daily battle! They need to ensure that kids’ trip from home to school is safe and on time. On the other hand, they deal with their stresses to go to work on time too! The happiest moment in your day as a parent is the moment when you make sure your kids reached the school safely. However, this happiness is usually followed by a fear of the boss catching you late. We want this happiness to last all day, so in Schoolz we took on doing our best to find an idea that solves this conflict and provides safety and comfort to all members of the family. We used all available technology to track kids and the vehicle driving them home door to the school door and the way back, step by step and moment by moment even before the moment they leave the house. On another side, we choose our captains carefully and make sure they met the highest standards of the proper dealing with kids to ensure a safe comfort trip. Our goal is to reduce the stress put on all members of the family by providing top quality service with competitive fees, and help you avoid problems of school bus such as high fees you might don't get what you paid for, as what happened in the second term of the school year 2019-2020. In addition to the most important is tracking every step our kids take at every moment for you, parents, to feel calm besides safety and comfort. Schoolz introduces solutions to all these problems and more. We have a team of experts that works continuously to ensure the transportation process is smooth, smart, and integrated by just one click.